Monthly Archives: June 2012

Mommy’s Little Helper

My husband and I make it a habit each night to read our four-year-old daughter (The Chatterbox) three books, or to tell her a story or two (or ten) each night before she goes to sleep.  Tonight my husband, The Funny Dad, was tucking in Chatterbox and she was expressing her feelings to him about the new baby.

She has been pretty adamant about the names she likes.  As The Funny Dad has mentioned in this post, she has come up with some real show-stoppers, such as Tree, Mailbox, Flower, Sign.  Unfortunately, I’m pretty sure these names have already been dibs’d for celebrity children.   The other day she told me she really likes “Lizzy” , which is adorable, but she doesn’t really want us to use it because when she was a baby she told me that’s what her name should be but I “didn’t listen and now we can’t use it for anyone else.”

She has also been pretty demanding we find out the gender, even though we already have a boy and a girl, all the appropriately sized clothing for the season, and since we will be moving shortly after this baby arrives, no nursery to decorate.  We have been pretty open to the idea of waiting until the baby is born to find out the gender, but our precious angel can’t handle the idea of having to wait to know if she will have a sister or another bother brother.  In fact, tonight she informed us “A baby brother would be really adorable, but a sister would be better.”  Just wait until she starts stealing all your clothes and makeup, then talk to me…

The older The Chatterbox gets, the more opinionated she becomes, but she has also shown a great increase in her willingness to help out.  This has carried over into how much she wants to help with the new baby.  She wants to take care of the baby herself, but she “hasn’t been able to get milk out of her nipples yet, so Mommy will have to still do that”.  Maybe I can teach her how to change diapers and wash my pumping equipment…