I got paid to write this… Kind of.

Admittedly, I don’t do much at my job.  I’m a phone operator for a hospital where I work a mere two evenings per week.  The long eight-hour-shifts are usually spent on Wikipedia reading about random US Presidents, texting the fascinating details to my less-than-amused husband, buying more books on Amazon, or silently judging people in my head.

The guilt a normal person would feel being paid to do nothing is easily alleviated by the absolutely insane phone calls I receive and laziness of my co-workers.  When I’m not listening to stories about how a patient was tested for pot in their system without their consent, I’m answering questions about the goings-on in the community regarding fireworks on the 4th of July.  These are real stories, folks!  If for some reason phone calls are slow that night, I’m entreated with stories about the Jerry-Springer-esq stories of my co-worker’s personal lives.

But I’m getting off track before I’ve even begun.  The real reason I’m blogging is to share with you the wonderful things about my job- the sites I browse at work to keep me from ripping my ears off my head!  My favorite site is www.YoungHouseLove.com.  It’s a quirky, fun blog by a young, 30-something couple who have taken on various DIY projects and have renovated two beautiful homes.  They are creative, fresh and always have something helpful written in a fun way.  I’ve followed the blog for two years now, and it has yet to get old.

While browsing YHL, I came across www.unclutterer.com by pure accident.  It’s a simple, uncluttered (imagine that!) site that breaks down simple ways to de-clutter your life, house, garage, office, and even your relationships.  It is styled in mostly a Q&A fashion and most questions seem pretty common.  The answers are straight-forward, no BS.

Between YHL and Uncluttered, I’ve been inspired to simplify our house- and essentially my family’s life.

I’m know to hold onto things based upon my very logical “What if…” scenarios.  “What if I throw away this macaroni necklace from when I was 6 and zombies attack and instead of eating my face, they would have been satisfied by some simple (admittedly stale) colored noodles?!”  or “What if I throw away this lone sock and suddenly it’s partner turns up and has to live out the rest of it’s lonely sock life as a dust rag with no partner to comfort them!?”

Therefore, I’ve decided to start small.  About 6 months or so ago I turned around all my hangers and said that by the end of a year, if there were hangers still turned the opposite direction, those items would go straight to Goodwill.  However, most of my everyday clothes won’t be worn now that I’m pregnant.  So, I came up with a new plan- recruit my husband!  He picks 3 items he despises from my closet and then helps me decide which items I have had since before we started dating (4 years ago) and he helps me decide if they are in good enough shape to keep.  This plan has an added bonus- the right to say which Tony Soprano-esq shirts are outright hideous and have to go.  In all seriousness, the hubs had dropped 20 lbs recently and plans to drop more.  The guy will deserve new clothes once he has reached his goal weight.  After I push our 3rd child weighing 9+ lbs out of my hoo-hah, I’ll deserve new clothes too.  And possibly new shoes.  And maybe some jewelry.  Who knows!?

After that, I have grandiose plans of tackling all the other closets in our home, then the bedrooms and maybe one day I’ll be brave enough to open the filing cabinet in our office.  It’s a dangerous and daring life I lead!

What about you all?  Any de-cluttering tips or inspiration?  Have you found you do best starting small or attacking a project head-on?


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