Sugar and Spice or Snips and Snails?

The Hubster and I were hopeful and excited about our plan to wait to find out the gender of our soon-to-be-added pea to our pod.  However, our four-year-old was pretty convincing of her need to know immediately if she was to have a little sister (to dress, hold and play with) or another little brother (to ignore and secretly adore).  The first 4 1/2 months went by quickly with little thought to the gender of our new little one.  We had various summer activities, vacations, and birthdays to distract us.  Now we are a week out from the ultrasound and it just can’t come soon enough!

Ultimately, finding out gender now makes the most sense for our family.  We have two winter babies, a boy and girl, and we have saved every iota of baby clothing, toys, bedding, gear, etc fathomable.  We are pretty set in the grand scheme of things.  Having said that, the sooner we can purge our house of all gender-specific baby clothing and toys, the more sanity we will have reserved for the inevitable long nights that come with having a newborn.

How does one part with that much stuff they have accumulated over the years?  Many of my daughter’s things have so much sentimental meaning to me- as I purchased them when I was a single mom, living on a very meager income.  I worked hard to give her nice things, and parting with them will be difficult.  However, I’m not about to have an intervention from Hoarders, so I’m ready to clear some space for new sentiments and memories to be made.

How do you clear out your clutter that has value?  Consignment?  Garage sale?  Gifting to a friend?  Donating to those in need?

I’d also love to hear about your gender ultrasounds or if you decided to have it be a surprise on your baby’s birthday!


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