Monthly Archives: March 2014

Transparent Parenting

It’s always humbling when I get a text, call, or email from a mommy-friend asking for advice or insight. It’s usually accompanied with, “you’re such an expert” or “you make it seem so easy”. Just writing that made me cringe a little. I don’t want this to come across as me passive-aggressively tooting my own horn. Quite the opposite.

Parenting is hard. Really, super, crazy hard. Every parent deserves to know that they are not alone. For every photo I share of my happy baby, there are an equal number of times he is pouty or crying. For every Instagram of a delicious dinner I post, there are five times as many photos I could share of Chinese take-out, empty pizza boxes or receipts from meals we ate out. Every status I share about how funny or smart my kids are could be rivaled by screaming, biting, and crying updates. I like sharing the good. It makes me happy. The good things in my day outweigh the bad by an infinite amount.

The good doesn’t come easily. Sometimes, you can go days without any good at all. This is especially true when there is sickness. My family has been battling a nasty illness for about a week now and I pulled my back out the other day. My smallest nursing bit me while eating and broke the skin. If you just grabbed your boob and winced at the thought of it, you’re on the right track. Lots of little problems can be worse than one, big problem. As my oldest was getting ready for school this morning, she had a nose bleed and as she “ran” to the bathroom, she created a trail of blood along the carpet. It was everywhere- on her clothes, in her hair, on her feet. When my middle kiddo saw it, he puked. This was all very inconsiderate of them since I hadn’t even been armed with coffee yet.

This isn’t a plea for pity or an attempt to shock the childless into taking a vow of chastity. It’s an effort to be transparent- to let you know you’re not alone. My days aren’t perfect. My Pinterest board is not remotely indicative of the meals I make or how I decorate my home. My kids are human, just like me. We yell. We cry. We lose our patience. But man, is it worth it.

I often say, “You can’t appreciate the rainbow without a little rain.” It’s been raining a lot here lately, but getting that little unsolicited “I love you, Mommy” is all it takes to color my world.